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Welcome to Technical Meeting of the Mints in ASEAN (TEMAN)!


The Singapore Mint is excited to welcome international delegation from the currency-related industry to join us for the 20th TEMAN Conference likely to be hosted in Singapore in November 2022.


Singapore has reopened its borders to all fully vaccinated travellers as of 1st April 2022 under a new Vaccinated Travel Framework. All fully vaccinated travellers from any country or region are now able to enter Singapore quarantine-free. Detailed information for travelling to Singapore can be found here.

The onset of pandemic over the past 2 years has accelerated the pace of digitalization and focus on sustainability worldwide, impacting our daily lives and the way business is done. The usage of currencies, physical (banknotes and coins) and digital, change in payment habits, focus on digital to omni-channel marketing and sustainability initiatives are interesting observations and topics to share.


We aim to position TEMAN as the one-stop platform to discuss and present all pertinent subjects relating to banknotes printing, digital currency other than coin minting.  This will enable industry players and regulators to keep abreast of present development and watch up for challenges ahead.


Please express your interest to attend TEMAN 2022 or for Sponsorship opportunities via the Indication of Interest form below. We are also seeking input from interested attendees on any subject matter relating to currency trends – coins, banknotes and even digital currencies, that you look forward to share or gain insight to when attending TEMAN 2022.


Detailed information on TEMAN registration and sponsorship information will be sent to you via your registered email once event details are finalized. 

After more than 2 years of virtual meetings, we look forward to hosting a fruitful physical conference with our friends from all around the world!



The Technical Meeting of Mints in ASEAN (TEMAN) was established in 1982 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is known to be an important platform for the minting fraternity to share technological advancements, developments, findings and updates as well as to network with various currency authorities; mints; suppliers and relevant companies.


The 20th TEMAN will aim to provide not only as a platform for delegates to share more extensive subjects relevant to the technical aspects of minting industry, for the first time ever; it will also cover new scope of topics involving marketing challenges, strategies and new business dynamics and opportunities.  Delegates may present their diverse experiences in areas of technical, operational as well as business development and marketing issues to create a fruitful conference experience for all.

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The Singapore Mint was established in 1968 to mint circulation coins for the newly-independent nation and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018. Over the years, The Singapore Mint has evolved from a basic minting facility to a fully integrated business operation, comprising programme concept, product design, marketing, sales and distribution with after sales service. Focusing on quality system and standards, The Singapore Mint is a certified ISO 9001 and 14001 organisation. Today, it has grown to become one of the leading innovative mints in the industry, capable of producing coins and medallions of the highest quality.


Leveraging on technology, The Singapore Mint has developed hybrid techniques to create high security and innovative features on circulation and commemorative coins and collectables. Fusing advanced minting technologies with authentic crafting methods, The Singapore Mint is one of the few mints in the world that still maintains a team of highly skilled craftsmen, adding intricate elements that can only be meticulously achieved by the human touch.


As a testament of its high-quality crafting techniques, The Singapore Mint has won several international awards such as the Mint Directors' Conference (MDC) Awards, Vicenza Palladio International Prizes, and its rising stature has garnered much interest internationally. The mint has been appointed by issuing authorities around the world to produce their coins, and marketing distributor for currency products including commemorative banknotes.